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Elyse Smith

Ex-TD Ameritrade Director Joins Sowell Management

Former TD Ameritrade director has jumped ship as the firm continues its integration with Charles Schwab. Elyse Smith (pictured), who served as director of advisor services and business transitions at TD, is joining Sowell Management...

Headling: The 'Little' Firm That Could: Sowell Management, Local Hidden Treasure, Among Top RIAs in Nation. October 15, 2020

Sowell Management: Among Top RIAs In The Nation

As financial company headquarters go, Sowell Management’s digs, while nothing to sneeze at, is far from a towering glass-and-steel edifice befitting Gordon Gekko of Wall Street fame. Tucked into an office park just yonder of Maumelle, the s...

Bitcoin gold coin

What Is Bitcoin? It's FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

What is Bitcoin? I find that this question is coming up a bit these days, especially within and outside the halls of Sowell Management. One finds oneself wondering if this is that “canary in the coal mine” moment?...

Bill Sowell standing in front of Sowell Management logo

Pushing to Put Investors First

For Bill Sowell, “fiduciary” is more than a word, even more than a duty. It’s his business philosophy. As CEO of Sowell Management, a registered investment adviser in North Little Rock, he embraces a legal obligation to put clients’ financial interests first...

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