Sowell Management Shares How RIAs Can Grow Organically

Earlier this year, I had the privilege to attend David DeVoe’s “Elevate” conference in Nashville. As the chief revenue officer for a nationwide RIA focused on growth, I consider David a dynamic thought leader in our space. Barron’s has called him “the M&A guru,” so when he gave the keynote address, I was listening.  His […]

College Bound & Covered: Essential Estate Planning Docs for Students

As a financial advisor, you play a vital role in guiding your clients toward a secure and prosperous financial future. While you’re likely already offering a comprehensive range of financial services, have you considered the significant advantages of including estate planning in your offerings?

10 digital marketing tactics to grow your financial advisory firm 

Digital Marketing

Taking the leap to become an independent financial advisor is an enormous decision. Because you’re now responsible for everything in your business, the onus is on you to become an expert at everything – finance, compliance, tech – and marketing.  To help you with your marketing efforts, and since there are only 24 hours in […]

5 Myths About Becoming an Independent Financial Advisor

There are a lot of misconceptions about becoming an Independent Financial Advisor. For those financial advisors considering independence, we know change can be scary and uncertain. You may be asking these questions: Will my clients follow me? Will my income be as good as it is now? How will I handle all the paperwork and back-office […]

How a growing RIA is using EOS to grow the right way


Bill Sowell started a journey 22 years ago to create a pathway of freedom for financial advisors. Committed to providing true independence for them, he founded a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm to become the advisor to advisors. His firm has grown from just a few employees to more than 30 today and, with $4 […]

Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Key Steps to Consider

Key in the sky

Creating a succession plan is an essential step for a financial advisor to ensure the smooth transition of their practice and client relationships in the event of retirement, disability, or other unexpected circumstances. That said, a succession plan is more than a document spelling out who will take over the company you’ve built or grown. […]

Understanding RIA Compliance

Launching a solo advisory firm can be intimidating due to compliance management. Since you must complete many compliance tasks each year, we’ll walk through the ins and outs of creating your compliance calendar. This calendar can help you systematize and manage compliance tasks, requirements, and deadlines. As a solo Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) owner, you’ll […]

Why Financial Advisors Choose Independence – An insider’s view

Financial advisor Bill Sowell made the leap to independence more than three decades ago and he has never looked back. Since then, Sowell Management, the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm he founded in North Little Rock, Arkansas, has grown exponentially. Since 2016, Sowell Management’s AUM/AUA*  jumped from $525 million to $4 billion today and more […]

Davos—Nice But Not Real

A light snow is falling and the streets are full of a special breed of humans known as Davos Man. Of course, women are present also, but they are subsumed in the use of the term Man as meaning Mankind. A Davos Man is either very rich, very famous, very intelligent, or all three. He […]

Is the U.S. Moving On From Free Trade? Industrial Policy Comes Full Circle

Free trade was the mantra of economists for decades. The past few years have seen a return to Alexander Hamilton’s way of thinking. A Wolfspeed silicon-carbide fabrication plant in Marcy, N.Y., produces material in demand by electric-car makers. The Biden administration is pushing domestic chip production with billions of dollars in subsidies in the Chips […]

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