5 Myths About Becoming an Independent Financial Advisor

There are a lot of misconceptions about becoming an Independent Financial Advisor. For those financial advisors considering independence, we know change can be scary and uncertain. You may be asking these questions: Will my clients follow me? Will my income be as good as it is now? How will I handle all the paperwork and back-office operations? What about all those complex compliance rules and regulations?

If you are considering breaking away from your large brokerage firm, we want you to know the truth about these five myths about going independent.

Independent Financial Advisor Myths

Myth #1

With the uncertainty of the economy, now is not a good time to make the transition to independence.

Now is actually a great time to start planning your journey to independence. While you retain control over the decision-making process, our team planning approach ensures that you make the right moves at the right time. Sowell Management’s team of experts handles important details like compliance, legal documentation, custodial engagement, and re-papering accounts all within a flexible business platform built for advisors.

Myth #2

The paperwork and process of the transition to independence is overwhelming! I don’t have time to do all of that and watch out for my clients’ best interests.

Wrong. Once Sowell Management has worked with you to outline a clear plan for your new business, we assume the role of executing it. We prepare and process all transition-related paperwork for you.

Myth #3

If I go independent, I’m on my own with all the background tasks such as billing, operations management, technology, compliance, and marketing.   

Not true. As a Sowell Management advisor-partner you gain access to our all-in-one advisor platform. This means you have an advisor solutions team to walk you through the transition process step-by-step. From onboarding and training to account processing and maintenance, we assist with all administrative tasks so you can focus on servicing your clients. After your transition to independence is complete, Sowell Management continues to support your growth with individualized advisor marketing solutions.

Myth #4

Financial advising technology solutions are a “one size fits all” bundle.

Not so. Sowell Management offers a purpose built end-to-end technology solution designed to empower you. Our open architecture platform utilizing UMA technology allows you to select the support you need while providing the infrastructure and resources to help you manage, grow, and reach new summits. Our wealth management platform is designed by advisors for advisors.

Myth #5

If I’m independent, I won’t have the corporate marketing support I need to succeed.

Not to worry! Sowell Management’s marketing team offers advisors an established and proven marketing “roadmap” process. We provide customized, strategic brand/logo development and planning. We develop targeted campaigns across traditional, web, digital, video, and social media channels. Your customized marketing package is designed for your unique needs. 

Start your journey with Sowell

Don’t let the fears of becoming independent paralyze your dreams. Sowell Management is there for you when it’s the right time to be in business for yourself — not by yourself. We will help provide you the freedom and flexibility you seek. We are the RIA/IAR platform provider of choice for independent investment advisors with a growth mindset. Ready to start your journey? Schedule a meeting today.

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