We believe a growth mindset is the answer.
Now it’s time to redefine the question.

The question used to be “How can you take the next step in your business?” Instead, we ask “How can we plan for the next summit?”

Our people guide you throughout your journey so you can focus on revenue-producing client relationships. Our relationships are partnerships — we work side by side from day one.

Whether you want to expand your offerings to your existing clients, obtain new clients or gain knowledge in running your own business – we have the resources and tools to help reach the summit.

Asset management

Enhance the growth of your business with SmartAsset – the number one lead generation platform for financial advisors and Clout – a personalized email and social content platform. You will work with your own account manager who will advise and guide you from acquiring clients to growing existing ones.

Retirement planning for
your small business clients

Extend your offers to your small business clients with partners who understand the importance of providing your clients strategy and personalized services along with real-time digital access.

Lead Generation – Growth Marketing Strategy

Enhance the growth of your business with SmartAsset – the number one lead generation for financial planners and Clout – a customizable nurturing campaign. You will be assigned your own personal account manager who will advise and guide you from acquiring clients to growing existing ones.

Practice management

Our weekly market insights, bi-weekly webinars and industry white-papers enable you to stay current with industry trends and advise your clients into the best financial decisions.

The Freedom to Choose

Sowell Affinity offers traditional “OCIO” solutions to advisors – we call it “iCIO” or insourced Chief Investment Officer. We provide advisors with a deeper layer of skilled research and analytics capabilities. FLEX can help you with more complex portfolio construction and offer access to boutique and institutional managers. Sowell Affinity will work with you to curate, implement and oversee the execution of the desired strategies within FLEX. The choice is yours.

Option 1: Rep as PM. Option 2: Rep as PM plus iCIO Services. Option 3: Fully Outsource





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Download the Journey Roadmap

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