Amgen acquires Horizon Therapeutics

Last week a major acquisition by Amgen was lost among the volatility of FED action and jawboning as Amgen announced the acquisition of Horizon Therapeutics. Horizon has become one of the leading biotech firms specializing in medicines and treatments for rare diseases. For the last couple of decades, starting with the growth of generics, large Pharma has looked at rare diseases to make a profit and a difference. Horizon has taken that strategy through its relentless focus on rare diseases with unmet needs, specifically autoimmune and severe inflammatory diseases. More than that, they have backed this priority up with a pipeline of new medicines. This pipeline drove a small feeding frenzy as, in early November, Horizon announced its plan to field acquisition offers. After a month with the likes of Sanofi, J&J, and others, this “technology” was purchased by Amgen for $28 billion.

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