Mastering the CEO Mindset

We are the Bridge Builders

Financial advisors desire for independence and having more control as to the development of their own differentiated businesses has been growing steadily and creating a very dynamic industry landscape. This transition is also spawning a rapid evolution in financial services from being a financial sales-driven activity into a diversified wealth management profession.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence: How EQ Sets Financial Advisors Apart

Emotional Intelligence EQ

Financial advising is not just about numbers and data; it’s also about understanding and connecting with your clients emotionally. The ability to navigate and manage emotions, both yours and your client’s, plays a crucial role in the long-term success of your relationships. This is where Emotional Intelligence (EQ) comes into play.

Boomers to Zoomers: Customizing Financial Strategies Across Generations

In the ever-evolving landscape of wealth management, meeting your clients’ diverse needs means adapting — and dancing to the beat of their generation. When customizing strategies that cater to all clients from tech-savvy Gen Z to the sustainability-minded Gen X and skeptical Millennials (Gen Y) to retiring Baby Boomers, it’s important to have a deeper understanding of their different financial goals, aspirations, and apprehensions.

Unlocking the Power of Facebook Marketing for Financial Advisors

Facebook LIkes Superhero

With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a goldmine for financial advisors looking to grow their business. Facebook marketing provides financial advisors access to a large audience, including high-income users, making it a suitable platform for promoting financial services. Moreover, Facebook marketing helps build brand awareness and credibility, allowing financial advisors to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

How a growing RIA is using EOS to grow the right way


Bill Sowell started a journey 23 years ago to create a pathway of freedom for financial advisors. Committed to providing true independence for them, he founded a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm to become the advisor to advisors. His firm has grown from just a few employees to more than 30 today and, with $4 […]

Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Key Steps to Consider

Key in the sky

Creating a succession plan is an essential step for a financial advisor to ensure the smooth transition of their practice and client relationships in the event of retirement, disability, or other unexpected circumstances. That said, a succession plan is more than a document spelling out who will take over the company you’ve built or grown. […]

Why Financial Advisors Choose Independence – An insider’s view

Financial advisor Bill Sowell made the leap to independence more than three decades ago and he has never looked back. Since then, Sowell Management, the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm he founded in North Little Rock, Arkansas, has grown exponentially. Since 2016, Sowell Management’s AUM/AUA*  jumped from $525 million to $4 billion today and more […]

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