Rod Kresge–Chief Compliance Officer

Rod has worked in the financial services industry since 1995, after earning a bachelor’s degree in political science following his sojourn in the US Army. He has served in numerous senior leadership positions in compliance, operations, and supervision, where he was responsible for the enhancement and continued development of company compliance programs. He worked as a compliance consultant with companies across the country where he brought a fresh perspective and best-practice solutions to this important core competency.

Since joining the company in 2019, Rod’s full-spectrum expertise and practical, real-world knowledge have brought Sowell Management a defining edge in the areas of compliance, operations, and supervision. He has more than two decades’ experience with an array of broker/dealers and registered investment advisory firms as regional sales supervisor, operations manager and chief compliance officer. Rod appreciates the rewarding interactions with all the people he meets in connection to his work with Sowell Management.

Living in Atlanta with his wife Elizabeth and sons, Hunter and Chase, Rod is active in his community with the Boy Scouts of America, is a member of the Cobb County Community Emergency Response Team, and a member of the American Legion. Rod is an avid reader who holds a personal fondness for technology that is always on – a hard-bound book.
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Pinnacle Rewarding interactions with all the people I meet in connection to my work with Sowell Management.

Guide Post The days are long but the years are short.

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