Cindy Sowell – Executive Vice President

Cindy Sowell has served in many key roles at Sowell Management. In addition to her active management of the company, Cindy oversees human resources. Her penchant for creating global connections with companies and inspiring colleagues across the world, as well as her extensive knowledge of all things travel, guides her as she envisions and coordinates the firm’s corporate meetings, conferences, and special events. Cindy’s favorite part of her role is building lasting relationships within, and beyond, the Sowell Management team.

Prior to joining Sowell Management, Cindy worked around the globe for Pacific Life Insurance as a corporate meeting planner. Her experience working with the corporate staff and financial advisors at Pacific Life has been an invaluable asset to her daily interaction with Sowell Management’s financial advisors.

Cindy enjoys traveling with her family, her dog Tess, and is an avid physical fitness enthusiast. She is married to Bill and has two stepchildren, Abby and Evan. She resides in North Little Rock, Ark.

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