TPM doesn’t sell you anything, and they don’t earn commissions of any sort. They only manage their clients’ assets on an annual fee basis. Their fee structure removes the commission conflict of interest that other advisers and brokers still face. They are also free of any sales requirements or quotas from big banks, Wall Street brokerages or insurance companies.

In short, they are on the same side of the table with you. They do better when you do better. TPM works for you and has the same goal as you: to grow your assets when markets are fruitful and to work diligently to preserve them when market conditions are weak.




As a market veteran with over 32 years of professional experience, Jon is the Chief Investment Officer of TPM and serves as our Senior Portfolio Manager. He brings his vast experience and knowledge of the markets to our team, highlighting technical analysis and disciplined risk management.
Having spent the better part of three decades managing total client assets in a range from $60 to $100 million, he has made the professional decision to move his practice to “fee only” discretionary management and to serve his clients as a fiduciary. Having become a born-again believer in 1995, he has surrendered his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
Jon is married to his lovely wife Karen. He is active in his local church, enjoys studying the markets and serving clients, and spending quality time with his wife, 3 wonderful grown children and 4 (so far!) adorable grandchildren.