Today’s markets move at the speed of light. Thus, the Sowell investment management team utilizes a modern, multi-methodology approach to portfolio design and investment management. Times change. Markets change. Are your portfolios keeping up? If you are using traditional, old-school asset allocation techniques for client portfolios, the answer is probably, no.

At Sowell, we’ve broken free from the past and utilize what we call Modern Portfolio Diversification™ (MPD™) when designing client allocations. This new-age approach to portfolio design keeps clients in tune with changing markets and can help take an advisor’s practice to the next level.

At Sowell Management, “goal based investing” is a key tenet of our belief system. Instead of promoting “performance chasing” or selling advisors and clients on specific funds, ETFs, managers, or strategies as the latest, greatest “hot dot” solution, we believe strongly in a disciplined, customized portfolio design process focused on client objectives, targeted returns, and a strict adherence to client risk tolerances.

In addition, we believe it is important to recognize that investment strategies perform variably in different/changing market environments. There is simply no such thing as an all-weather investment vehicle that will perform optimally in all markets. Thus, Sowell’s dedicated Portfolio Design Team works with advisors and their clients to create properly diversified portfolios that incorporate multiple methodologies, strategies, and investment managers.


At Sowell Management, we can house client accounts at E*TRADE, Fidelity, Schwab & TD Ameritrade.