Why insourced CIO (Chief Investment Officer)?

Partnering with an insourced CIO “iCIO” team will differentiate your practice in an increasingly competitive landscape. Providing you with deliverables to compete for higher net worth clients. By fully integrating and automating your core processes, and dovetailing them with Bespoke institutional-quality investment management, your practice will be equipped for your next level of growth.

At Sowell, we look to enhance what you do well, and relieve you of what you shouldn’t be doing and don’t want to do. You’ve built a great business, and we would like to demonstrate to you how we can help you break through that ceiling of growth. If you want to break through your ceiling, you need to simplify your practice. Delegate, elevate, systematize and structure your practice for growth.

Why Sowell Affinity iCIO?

Sowell Management has partnered with Affinity Investment Advisors to offer traditional “OCIO” solutions to advisors. We call it “iCIO” insourced Chief Investment Officer. The partnership gives advisors access to a team with over 30 years of institutional investment management. Having allocated over $10 Billion across multiple asset classes for some of the largest pension funds, foundations, endowments and fortune 500 companies. Our iCIO team partners with your practice to build “bespoke” investment solutions, by harnessing your intellectual DNA and dovetailing it with institutional discipline. We’ve set out as a firm with iCIO solutions to enhance your portfolio management offering, presenting you as the smartest advisor in the room. Our team is your team, taking your practice from “Me to We.”

Your “iCIO” team is passionate and committed to the following deliverables:

  • Defending your brand and equip you for new growth
  • Enabling you to compete for ultra-high net worth clients
  • Convey temperateness with clients during high levels of volatility
  • Differentiate your practice with difficult to access boutique and emerging managers
  • White label customized solutions and portfolios

Sowell is building a community for advisors around these deliverables, cutting edge technology and thought leadership. We’re investing these resources with like-minded advisor partners who want to grow, collaborate and be a cornerstone of that community.