Each month, Sowell Management shines a light on one of our advisors. Sharing a bit of their success and insight. What makes them standout? How do they differentiate? And along the way… learn a little bit more about them, too.

For more than a decade, Clayton Alexander, founder of Teton Wealth Group, has been focusing on  retirement solutions for the journey ahead. The desire to scale to new heights lead him to start Teton Wealth, where he implemented the four-step Ascent Plan helping clients gain financial clarity. Here’s what Clayton had to say:

Tell us more about the four-step Ascent Plan? What lead you to develop this approach?

The four step Ascent Plan process is what clients experience when they choose to work with us. The distribution phase of financial planning is a completely different focus than what investors are accustomed to during the accumulation phase. The Ascent Plan provides a written, strategic and clear path for our clients to confidently navigate through retirement.

You were recently quoted on CNBC.com about the difference between traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k). Why is this difference important for your clients to understand?

A tax efficient plan not only enables our clients to have more spendable money (less taxes paid) but also boosts the net amount that is transitioned to beneficiaries. Our firm really focuses on providing education up front, which then allows our clients to make informed decisions in regard to their investments and how to be as tax strategic as possible.

In the world today, there seems to be more and more natural disasters. You recently wrote a blog about protecting your finances from natural disaster. What are some quick tips to ensure an adequate “rainy day fund”?

Most people do not budget their retirement plans to continue to allow them to save money each month. By no means am I saying they should be saving the same amount as when they were working, but it is important to make sure there is a small amount of surplus each month. Not only does it continue to support the “rainy day fund” but also gives retirees the confidence needed to move through retirement comfortably. 

Do you have any “must do” tips for success to stand out?

Own your mistakes and failures. No one is perfect and use them as learning opportunities. Clients want to work with someone they trust, can relate to and is genuine. 

Outside of the office, what do you enjoying doing?

In the winter, I love to ski and snowmobile with my family, friends and clients. In the summer, you can find me on the lake water skiing or in the mountains on a bike. Since meeting the Sowell Management Family, I can’t seem to stop dreaming of duck hunting.