Each month, Sowell Management shines a light on one of our advisors. Sharing a bit of their success and insight. What makes them standout? How do they differentiate? And along the way… learn a little bit more about them, too.

Jason Browne, Alexis Investment Partners, has been an investment advisor since 1995. His passion for taking complex concepts and making them simple, as well as his background as a tactical investment manager, have made him a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, TD Ameritrade Network and Moneylife. Residing in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, hear more of what Jason had to say:

Your focus often revolves around making complex concepts simple. How has this helped your business grow?

I believe there is too much jargon in our industry and am always striving to communicate using plain language and analogies that relate to a broad audience. This makes it easier to connect with clients and prospects – and also helps them explain my investment strategy and value proposition to potential referrals as well as to have conviction on our approach in difficult markets.

As a frequent guest on several different media outlets, what subjects do you enjoy discussing the most and why?

I most enjoy discussing macro level risks and opportunities and applying these observations in a practical way to adapt long-term asset allocation decisions to the current environment. From a business perspective, I rarely get new clients from these interviews, but this is a nice way (in addition to newsletters and other written commentary) to share my thoughts regularly with existing clients. I post all interviews on my website and find that this record is a nice way to hold myself accountable for what I was saying and doing at different points in the market cycle.

Your firm’s principle core value is the Golden Rule. Why did you choose this as core value to live by?

A key reason I left my prior firm and partnered with Sowell was the desire to offer investment solutions and services that I use myself and not be limited by proprietary products. In addition to investing my personal assets alongside client portfolios, I also see the Golden Rule as compelling us to treat others the way we want to be treated. On our website, we drafted our mission statement to say the Golden Rules entails: striving to understand the values and aspirations of each client, being open and honest in our communications, seeking to minimize and disclose any conflicts of interest and finding creative ways to help our clients define and achieve their goals. As fiduciaries, we value our clients’ trust and are committed to always putting their interests ahead of our own.

What are some “must do” tips that help you to standout?

I often ask this same question. I think the key thing we want to do is focus our efforts where we can add value and partner with others for products and services our clients want or need that aren’t our core strengths. We seek to be accessible and responsive at all times, and to be an advocate for our clients. Holding ourselves accountable and evaluating the cost, performance and quality of in-house services versus our competition and what we might be able to obtain through outsourcing – and trying to view our value proposition through the eyes of our clients is also very helpful.

Outside of the office, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy traveling, playing golf, hiking and other outdoor activities. The people I am with are almost always more important to me than the activity we’re doing – so I especially enjoy activities that include family and friends.